I have always been enthralled with the idea of a travelling adventure. All of my life I have loved to travel and explore new places. 

In the mid-nineties, I moved from my hometown in Canada and ended up spending nearly two decades living and working in Asia. I was fortunate enough to travel and explore many places in the world. I returned to Canada in 2014 with my family, but my thirst for venturing to new places and experiencing new things never waned. I began canoe-tripping as a way to learn and explore the wonderful wilderness that Canada, and specifically my home province of Ontario, has to offer. 

Now, I try to head out into the backcountry as much as time and life commitments will allow. Each year I go a little further away, for a little longer, and on routes that are a little more challenging. 

I love going with those who are close to me; my wife, my daughters, old and new friends alike. My father often joins me on longer trips further afield. However, if no one is willing or able to come along, I often venture out on my own. 


Each trip is a learning experience, and with each trip, I see and do a little more than the last. I have gained an amazing appreciation for this great land of ours and its connecting waterways. In addition to exploring Canada's incredible natural wonders, I try to learn about the historical significance of the areas where I travel from both a European and a First Nations lens. Each trip is another adventure that I can look back on, learn from, and enjoy. 

I feel so lucky and, dare I say it, blessed that I live so close to an Eden that contains the majority of the world's supply of fresh water. Along with this knowledge, however, comes the responsibility to protect what remains of Canada's wilderness. I hope this series of trip reports can aid in creating awareness to that end.  

If this collection of trip reports can inspire an appreciation for the Canadian backcountry and contribute to a greater understanding of the need to protect it, then the time it takes to share my trips and write about them is well-spent.  

Thank you for taking the time to join me on my backcountry canoe journeys.