Day 3 -  Mattawa River (Island west of Elm Point) to Samuel De Champlain Park (below Campion Rapids) 

(6 Kms)

Day 3 -  Mattawa River (Island west of Elm Point) to Samuel De Champlain Park (below Campion Rapids) - (6 Kms)

Map provided courtesy of Toporama which contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Canada. I have made additional markings to show route information. 

When we awoke, the air was chilly allowing for some scenic mist to rise from the river. 

We did not have far to paddle to our ending point of the trip, so we didn't rush to get up and on the water early. After a pancake breakfast and some coffee, we broke camp and were on the water just after 10 AM. I took a shot of our island home as we paddled away. 

The weather was perfect -- clear, cloudless skies, and very little wind. 

We paddled past the beach site on Elm Point. I would have liked to investigate the site, but the group was still on it and was packing up to continue their journey.  

Past the point, the river widened and the large 500-foot cliffs on the left made it feel like we were in a mountainous valley. 

There  were some dramatic cliff faces on the right just before reaching the rapids known as Les Epingles (The Pins). 

Les Epingles was just a little swift that we rode into Bouillon Lake where we saw a small cabin on the southern shore, the first sign of civilization since Pimisi Bay.  

Our next obstacle was Des Roches Rapids which was supposed to be a CII technical rapid, however, in the low water conditions, it was a straightforward CI that we were able to run.  

Around the corner in the bay below the rapids, we were fortunate to engage in a staring contest with a small doe for a minute or two on the north shore. 

At that point, noticing we had cell service again, we called for our shuttle since we would be arriving at our destination in about fifteen minutes. 

We passed through a couple of fun swifts, the confluence with the Amable du Fond River, and spotted the top of Campion Rapids ahead. There, the river split into two channels, and after standing and scouting from the boat, I could see a wonderful straight-line run through a fun wave train in the right channel. We rode the waves amidst some fun splashing and arrived at our take-out at the bottom of the rapids. Whoo-hoo! It was the best run thus far and a fantastic climax to our trip. 

We pulled our canoe ashore and began unloading it on a nearby picnic table. Dahee gave her final assessment of the trip in the following photo. 

All-in-all, I would say what the Mattawa lacks in privacy and wilderness, it more than makes up for in scenery, rudimentary whitewater fun, and historical significance, thus making it one of the best weekend trips to be had in Ontario. Much recommended! 

Until the next trip...